Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We strictly monitor what our girls watch on T.V. They usually watch 60-90 minutes of approved PBS shows each day. There are NO commercials on there. I know there are lots of people (probably a lot of our friends and family included) who think this is crazy, over-protective, harsh etc... But I have to share a story. My oldest and I were browsing in the Christian bookstore today and she found these little rocks that had Bible verses on them. As we were walking back to the van, she brought up Christmas. She asked me something like what I thought they'd get. I said (jokingly), "Well, maybe a few leaves for you and a couple rocks for little sister." She lit up and said, "OH! Maybe I'll get some of those rocks from the store and those yellow leaves we saw on our nature hike!" Now, I am sure some readers are appalled that our 5 year old would like leaves and rocks with bible verses on them. We, on the other hand, are SO proud of our girls! I think it is great that our girls have asked for this year a pretty winter hat, shiny rocks and a new ball. Now, if only they can repeat this list at 16...... LOL!

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Trinka said...

So ... a lump of coal in your stocking = "good thing"?

Just kidding! I think that's wonderful.