Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I was hanging out with a friend and my husband calls to tell me this. "Hey babe! You will not BELIEVE what just pulled up in front of my Bradley!" (A bradley is a type of an armored vehicle). I like to refer to it as the transformer tank, but Bradley is the proper name. I said, "Ummmm, an ice cream truck?" He says, "YES!" WHAT??!?!?! I would LOVE for an ice cream truck to come down our street so the girls can have that magical experience. We have had trucks circle our neighborhood but not close enough. So here he is on a base in a class with NOTHING but guys. Guys in camouflage no less and he gets a truck? I was a tad jealous!
The girls and I had a great day! The youngest got to vote in her preschool class. Guess who she voted for? McCain. I asked her why and she said, "He had the most whitest hair." Makes sense to me! Then she said, "I would have voted for Reagan (read post best boy), but his picture was not on there." She is so cute!
The rest of the afternoon we played outside and then watched "Mary Poppins". Now we are waiting to see what the results are!

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Trinka said...

The guys in camoflage have MONEY ... and are probably ready for something cool and refreshing. :)

Grace's reasoning seems similar to the reasoning of most of the American public ... style over substance. :) Fortunately SHE will grow out of it! (Provided we can all still afford food once we become a welfare state).

Trying to be optimistic ... really ... I am!