Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nice day

I woke up not feeling the greatest. My husband and I stayed up LATE last night watching the Michael Crichton movie "The Andromida Strain" (not at all sure of the spelling). It was really good. But I woke up tired and my sore throat transitioned into a yucky cough. We made it to church though, where the girls refused to go into their class. Sigh. They sat extremely quietly beside us in our church. The youngest was looking at all the people drinking coffee. She looked up at me with a very stressed expression and said, "We don't like coffee. Do we not have to drink it to stay in here?" Wouldn't that be great? Required coffee drinking to be a part of the service? LOL! Afterwards, I did our shopping for the week and we got coffee drinks. At home, my husband came up with the brilliant idea to pull the van and motorcycle outside and let the girls play in the garage since it was FREEZING out. What a great idea!!!! They played out in the garage for almost 4 hours! It was great! Our oldest spent almost the entire time practicing for basketball! It wore them out and really improved their behavior. We spent a lazy day at home. I made a new recipe and finished all my scrapbooking. Nothing too exciting. Tomorrow is back to normal again.

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Trinka said...

I see a trend here ...
tired girls = good girls

I'm learning a lot. If opportunity ever comes for me to babysit, I may need to hold a mini-olympics. :)