Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Our van has had the left blinker out for a week or so and I finally made an appointment to get this fixed. It was neat. I took our school with us and the oldest and I did school there in the waiting area. It was fun and she got complimented on her behavior! As we were leaving she reminded me that she wanted to go to Krogers to get her sisters Christmas gift. After hitting the sales at Old Navy we went there and she took her time selecting the right horse for her sister. It was so sweet! She was skipping into the store because she was so excited to get her this horse. She has it all planned out. She said, "First little sister will snort like a horse and then hug the horse and then hug me!" So, she picks out this huge horse and asks to carry it up. The jaded clerk says, "Oh, is this for you?" I said, "Nope. This is what she saw weeks ago and wanted to get her little sister for Christmas." It was neat because the lady's entire demeanor changed and you could tell that is not was she was used to hearing. It is also sweet because the oldest had this thought in her head for weeks about getting her this horse. I love this time of year!!!!

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Trinka said...

That's so sweet that she had it all planned out, and is so excited to give it to her.

Will she be able to wait for Christmas? This is my question. :) (Her aunt has always had trouble with that one!)