Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Patriotic holidays mean so much more to me now that I am married to a soldier. Not just for the obvious sacrifices, but for all the daily ones. The long hours, frequent trainings and all the simple every day moments that are missed. My husband was fortunate enough to have four days off. We have learned how precious these every day moments are. We spent the weekend shopping and watching movies on the couch. WE watched "The Secret Garden" and "Heidi". We made homemade chocolate chip cookies, bread, veggie dip and some yummy chili! It was great, but makes tomorrow very bittersweet! We will all miss my husband while he is at work. The girls are looking forward to Awana's. As for me, I would like some hot coffee and warm weather that will allow the munchkins out to RUN that energy out!

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Trinka said...

It's nice that you guys get these long holidays to at least compensate a LITTLE for the unpredictability and long hours. It sounds like a nice time!

Maybe you could get the girls to run on a treadmill for a while? Convince them they're contributing to the power grid, and helping save the earth? :)