Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun with the Dr.

The girls had their therapy this afternoon for their Selective Mutism. It was great! They had a breakthrough there today! We have been going there for 2 months already. Last week, the girls started talking to the doctor if I was in the room and later when I was not in the room, but only if they were together. Today they both spoke to her in those settings AND they each spoke to her when they were alone with her!! If you have children, think about how many times someone has come up to you and said, "Your child is so cute! He/She said.....". Other than my parents and sister telling us things, not once has anyone ever said, "Your kids said..." Today, the doctor said, "Your oldest is hilarious! She said....". I cried. Not buckets or anything, but it was an amazing moment for me! Also for her. She said our girls actually behave like twins and when they are together but apart from me, she said they have a silent form of communication! I thought that was kinda cool. The story she told on our oldest is so funny that I have to share. Lately, our objective has been to not be able to understand the girls in public settings. Therefore, hopefully making them either verbalize or just speak louder. Well, she was not able to understand head nods today. When the oldest started speaking to the doctor in another room she said, "Ok. I will tell you this once. When I go like this (shakes head) it means 'No'. But if I go like this (nods head) it means 'Yes'". The doc. said it was SO hard not to laugh!
Tonight we got our girls their biggie Christmas gift. We settled on a BIG dollhouse that was on a huge sale. I think they will have tons of fun!

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Trinka said...

I can just picture oldest saying that! Like ... "OK ... if I MUST explain it to you."

I'm so excited to hear that they spoke to her!!! woo hooo!!!!!