Friday, November 7, 2008

MUD and horse feet

Our day started off great with a visit to MOPS and then grocery shopping. After we came home though, the girls got into trouble. They were playing with friends for about 45 minutes while I washed the van and waited for my husband to call. I warned them not to get in the dirt. Can you even guess what happened? Not just dirt, red clay. We have an entire drawer full of clothes dedicated to red clay and I am FINE with that! I recently even blogged about enjoying them playing in the dirt, but today, I did not want them to. I told their friends they had to go home and told the girls they were not allowed to play outside till tomorrow. Also, they had been playing in their dress shoes and if they are ruined, they are responsible for buying new shoes. I think they all came clean and I think the girls learned an important lesson about NOT listening to children....
Then after picking up my husband we went to dinner together. On the way home we were discussing horses. The youngest one asked, "How do they put their shoes on?" I told her with nails. She said, "Oh, so their feet stay on their legs?" We could not help laughing at her, but she remained unphased and said, "What is in their feet?" I said, "What do you think it looks like?" She says, "Yuck." That kid is something else! =)

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