Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you know the answer?

As we were eating dinner tonight, our 4 year old entertainer asks us, "What is in the middle of your head?" They were surprised to hear it was your brain. But then decided that was not what they meant. When they learned that it was not real pretty and mostly blood and bones, the oldest got all shy and said, "Well, I hope no one ever sees inside there then." Then the youngest proceeded to entertain us by crossing her eyes and making silly faces! She can actually move each eye by itself while making fishy faces. We got it on tape tonight!!! Can't wait till her first date!!! LOL!
My hubby and I had a wonderful date today. We did a little Christmas shopping and then ate a quick lunch before picking up two very happy kids! Then we had to take them to their Upwards evaluations. The oldest will do basketball and the youngest cheerleading. It will be fun! The oldest has inherited my non-talent for basketball and was so cute at being so awful! The coach was laughing and she just smiled. We got her a real basketball so she can rack up some practice around here.
It was SO cold and rainy here today. After we got home, we spent the day playing computer games, scrapbooking and eating leftovers. Nice day overall!


Trinka said...

sounds like a sweet day.

Oldest ... I can just believe that her biggest concern would be that her brains aren't attractive. :) Maybe some sequins? :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

You know her well....