Thursday, November 13, 2008

What are you giving to baby Jesus?

Our doctor that the girls are seeing once a week right now, is over 40 miles one way. By the end of the day, I log 90 miles just getting to and from. It is not really a whole lot if fun, but fun things DO happen on the way! Last week was the leaf parade. Today it was a neat conversation. We give the girls an allowance. They don't get much, but the first 10% goes into a bank for Jesus, the second 10% goes into a bank for savings and the rest is theirs. However, we do not let them spend it freely. They get to take it to garage sales and once a year or so we let them buy something for themselves. But each December they get to give a gift for Baby Jesus. We tell them about difference charities etc and they get to choose where to take their Jesus bank. The first year they chose the animal shelter and last year a pregnancy crisis center. So today I was using our drive to discuss that very topic. Before I could offer any ideas the oldest informed me that she wanted to give her money to help people get food, medicine and warm clothes so they won't die (her words). I mentioned a few ideas to the youngest and she wants to give hers to a therapeutic horse ranch. One where they use horses in conjunction for therapy for kids. Anyone know of one in our area? That is a hitch because we have them take the money and they hand it over. I think the first year it was $3.60 because they got $1.oo a week. So, it's not because of the huge amount of money, but because we want this to impact them AND it is a great way to keep the real meaning of Christmas in our family. The youngest was funny though. She said, "Hmmm, I think I will keep my money and then give it to God. He can keep it for awhile and give it back to me and then I can give it to a little girl who needs it and if she has some left, she can send it back to me and I can send to another boy or girl." I thought that was SO cute!!


Trinka said...

That's a great idea. And I'm glad you have them take it, because then they're actually SEEING what their gifts are being used for.

90 miles/day. wow. How many times have you HEARD that Candyland video? :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Well, 90 miles is not far enough to warrant a DVD. They get a doll or something to ride with. We only put in the DVD player for trips over 2 hours long. Plus, we do not own Candyland. But we do "join them for a sweet adventure" frequently!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of the girls and their Mom and Dad.