Monday, September 1, 2008

All kinds of amazing

That is what this weekend was.
It actually started on a real bad note. I was stuck at the hotel and was able to get a late checkout. But around 3 I finally had to leave. So I took a cab to base and had them drop off near the barracks. I lugged my suitcase over to go find my hubby so he could take it for me. I found him within 5 minutes, we had a very brief hug (he was still working) and he took my suitcase from me. The only place within walking distance was this coffee shop/bar place. I walked over there and claimed a table. I read for 2 hours and figured (we both did) that he would be done within 20 minutes. I waited for their formation, which was SUPPOSED to be the last thing. Well, the lovely leadership decided to keep them longer have them keep cleaning. By this time, I cannot return to the bar because it was turning into a BAR atmosphere. So my hubby is cleaning in a very angry manor and I am stuck, on a concrete step for THREE HOURS getting bit by all manor of bugs. Finally, when the storm was about to open up and rain, they released the men. We loaded up and the "all kinds of amazing began"! Here's the good part! =)
First off, I have ridden on a motorcycle two or three time total and have never gone faster than maybe 40 mph. Well, on this trip we did not want to rent a car so we took my hubby's motorcycle. All our stuff had to fit into a backpack. So, we spent the weekend in jeans. It was awesome! Back to whole 40 mph thing. The second road we get on is min. 55 and max 75. Yep. MPH. Plus it was pitch black and thunder and lightning all around. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I loved every second of the trip! Plus, Oklahoma is beautiful and I want to come live here and retire here eventually. Love it. Friday night we did not get to our hotel till 11:30 at night. We ended up eating at McDonald's! The next morning we struck out and ate breakfast at a bookstore. We drove around Oklahoma City and hit several really cool stores! We saw the movie "Prince Caspian" and ate a late dinner at a super wonderful Mexican place called On the Border. The Mexican place was 7/10 of a mile from the hotel. We went there for dinner around 8 p.m. and decided to walk. Bright idea. We were leaisurely finishing our dinner and laughing and talking when BOOM. Screams. Laughing. Rain. TONS of rain. Guess what else? We have no cash. We wait outside for a few minutes and realized we just had to walk back. I had the brilliant idea before we left to wear flip flops. I regretted that at this moment. There was so much water on the flat OK roads. A small boat could have floated! We were drenched!!!!! Then we went under this tree and bird POOPED on my husband's shirt! We did make it back to the hotel and did some laundry. It felt so good to get warm!!! Sunday we ate at Panera Bread and saw two movies. We saw "Henry Poole" and it is a MUST SEE!! Amazing movie!!! Lunch was at this neat little joint called Lotsa Noodle. YUM! We hit deep downtown to a place called Bricktown. It was beautiful! We saw the botanical gardens and drank lots of water. That night we got back so late all the place close to the hotel were closed except good ole' Denny's! That won out and we actually enjoyed it a lot! Today was just bittersweet. The day went way too quickly and my husband's platoon ONLY had to return to run drills at 7. So I am already alone here at the hotel. I miss him like crazy and the girls like crazy. I hate to leave and cannot wait to get home. 20 days and we will all be together again!


Trinka said...

I'm so glad you had a good weekend! I was feeling so bad for you, sitting there alone on the steps. :)

20 days will FLY by! Why ... it's already less than 3 weeks, which is almost 2 weeks, which is really hardly any time at all. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about racing on a motorcycle but I'm glad you had a good time.
The time will fly.