Friday, September 26, 2008

Tots in tanks?

Today was awesome! We did school while my husband cleaned and organized the entire garage! We played outside and had lunch here. We took the girls out to a grassy field and started teaching them to ride without training wheels. The oldest did quite well! The first time she took off and rode for about 30 feet. By the time we left she was riding LONG stretches and was able to stop without falling. Steering....that was another issue! The youngest was like a dead weight, but she did look cute. My husband said once he was helping her when all of sudden she jumps off while the bike was still moving. What was she doing? The little cutie was chasing a butterfly!!!!!!
After we got home we all washed the van together. After cleaning up, my husband went and checked in on base. He reports back to work bright and early on Monday. Tonight was took the girls to a book store. They got a gift card from their grandparents and we went to go spend it! They had a blast! Our church had a coffee house tonight with live Christian music. We all hit that too. On the way home we were asking the girls what they would like to do with daddy tomorrow. The youngest says, "Hunting". Honestly, I do not think she knows what this is. We attempted to explain it to her. We asked her if she still wanted to and she said "yes". I asked her what she wanted to hunt and kill. She said, "Elephants. I think it would be fun. And maybe a panda too." Her HORRIFIED sister said, "But pandas are your favorite animal!!! Why would you hunt one?????" She said, "Just to see what they tasted like." That girl is a NUT!! We were rolling!!!! The oldest (being much more reasonable) asked to go see daddy's tank. Obviously, he does not have a tank but they sure think he does. She said she wanted to go watch them drive. The youngest suggested riding in one with him. The oldest blurts out, "Yeah! And we could put my new booster and your Mariposa carseat in the tank!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh my word. My husbands face was red with laughter! Picturing a pink booster and a butterfly carseat stuck into an M-1 Abrams tanks was HILARIOUS!!!!!! Our friends have a blog and the husband does a seried of military cartoons. My husband said this would be a great one! A massive tank with tough soldiers and then a sweet little girl in a butterfly carseat in the tank with them. Cute stuff!


Trinka said...

OH how adorable!!! I can totally picture it. :)

Maybe instead of a limo ... for their weddings ... you could borrow some transportation from the army. :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Great idea!!!!!

Miranda said...

So funny about the pandas and carseats in the tank. You made me laugh. Love your blog!!