Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are back!

I cannot believe that a week has passed since I have blogged! It has been very busy and fun! I think I drove over 2700 miles in 7 days. THAT was not much fun, but the rest was great!
I took the girls to their first therapy appointment and it was great! I dropped them off at my parents and headed out to Oklahoma. It was a fast trip because I was so excited to see my husband. I spent two nights there and then the real fun began! We spent Friday night at a fancy Hilton in downtown Oklahoma City. We ate out at two cool places, had ice cream and saw a movie called "Ghost Town". VERY funny!!! We walked around till almost midnight! Our ice cream we ate on a roof top overlooking the entire city. It was like our own little world up there! Amazing! It seemed to take forever to get to the girls but we finally saw them on Monday morning! It was so neat! They were so happy to see daddy. He was the man of the hour. He could not take two steps without two little shadows following him and asking him to tickle, play or chase. It was so sweet!! We arrived home Tuesday night and have been adjusting to life together again. It's not too hard! =) We took the youngest to preschool, did home-school with the oldest and then we all went to a park for soccer and a picnic. Tonight the girls have Awana's and we are going to have a slow dinner together. You may not hear much from us till next week. We have till Monday and then my husband returns to work and at the end of October begins his next school and it will be TOUGH. It has the highest recycle rate of all the branches. Recycle means that you do not pass and get bumped back to the next class or even TWO classes and have to redo stuff. Nothing fun or nice about it. So, we are trying to soak up our togetherness and relish this time together. Tomorrow we have home-school, story hour, doctors appts. and maybe some fun in the "big city" =)


kford23 said...

im from okc! did you guys see the mexican restaurant chillenos (or however you spell it.. havent been there since i was prob 13). but that was always my fam's favorite. actually, my dad was actually just in oklahoma for a christian deaf camp (my dads a pastor) and went there. :-)

Trinka said...

Hi Kristen - so glad things are going well! Look forward to hearing about how the girls' therapy is going.