Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey Awana!!!!

Tonight was the big night! Awana's started here and the girls were pumped and primed and prissy and ready to go. Until we got there. Sigh. The oldest missed out on her class because the youngest wanted her to stay with her. I wish more teachers would help me out by helped me separate them. But, it gives us a goal for next week.
Otherwise, it was a hot, muggy day here and a day in which I did not get to talk to my husband. BUT it is also one day closer to seeing him again!!! I wish I had some big exciting news, but it is not meant to be for today. Wait!! Tomorrow I am getting the oil changed!!!!!!!!!!! =)


Anonymous said...

It's great that they want to be together. I remember a girl that
wanted to take her brother out and lose him!

Trinka said...

It might be good if the teachers know that you want to try and separate them. We often have people call here asking us to put their siblings in the same group, despite age differences.

Kathlyn said...

hahaha, and now we get to do iron-on transfers! And I am realllllyyyy looking forward to Saturday!!! Be thinking of where you want to eat!