Monday, September 15, 2008

Leaving....but not on a jet plane

The time has finally, finally come!!!! In the morning, I take the youngest to preschool. She is super excited! In her class it is HER day to bring a treat for her upcoming birthday! We have sugar overload!! She wanted go-gurt sticks, fruit snacks and juice boxes!!! But those are rare treats for her! She has had 2 go-gurts ever and only gets fruit snacks at Christmas time. I am going to run a few errands with our oldest and then we all three hit the road! We drive 1 hour and stop for the first doctor's appointment! Since we have met her, I am not real nervous, just excited. Then we drive to my parents house. My plan is to eat dinner there and leave around 7. I would like to drive several hours and then stop for the night at a hotel somewhere. I plan to be in Oklahoma Wednesday night!!!!! I am STOKED!!!!
Today passed quickly and was fun! We had preschool and home-school. We came home for leftovers and then went out to play. Some neighbors came out and they ran all over. We got out the hose and they all had a blast! It was cute and wore the girls out. They are sound asleep and snoring now!


Kathlyn said...

Kristen! I am sooo excited. I wanted to call you today, but time got away from me. Anyways, be safe, have fun and I will see you gals and gent when you return!!!

Trinka said...

I'm happy for you!

I will be texting to ask how the dr. apt. and trip went. Please note ... it will be ME. :)