Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is there a "type" of child?

I posed this question to my friend the other day. Is there a type of child that "attracts" the bullies? Here is my dilema. WE have two girls. Both do not speak in public. The oldest- when we go places kids gravitate towards her. Does not matter if she speaks or not. The youngest - Everywhere we go she gets hit.
To answer the questions in your minds, no, she does NOT antagonize these kids. Usually she is giggling and climbing behind her sister. Tonight at bible study, she got whacked in the eye with HARD doll and has a bruised eye. Earlier in the week at Chick-Fil-A, bloody lip. I kid you not, that EVERY time I take her to a playland lately she gets hit. Twice there has been blood. It is freaking me out! What do I do? Are we doing something wrong? Is there actually a study done on this? Weird and stressful.
Today was great though! We had school and played outside. A little dog came to visit and played in the hose with the girls. They loved it! Best news is that my husband will get to call me tomorrow!!!!


Trinka said...

Does she get hit mean-ly? (new word ... made it up myself!)

Or does she just happen to play harder, and so get hurt more often?

She does seem like a more rough 'n tumble sort ...

Any chance that might be it? She's so sweet, I'd HATE to think she's getting bullied. Makes me want to come and stand up for her. :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Nope. She is just like sissy. For example, Monday she was walking up the stairs and boy passed sissy and when he passed the youngest he whacked her in the head. No real reason. I feel so bad for her!

Ivan said...

Just in some peoples nature, I guess.
I always travel with large industrial size bandages and crazy glue (the poor man's stiches).
How could anyone not love both of those two lovely little girls?
I'm with their aunt, anybody bullies them, we want to take care of it.