Monday, September 29, 2008

Bad, bad store

We belong to a Sam's Club. Actually, we only technically belong for about 6 more days. So we went tonight to load up on all the things we like to buy there. We are not renewing our card because this time next year we will be in Korea and the membership would not do us much good! Well, tonight we have to say "BAD Sam's Club!" We took our daughters with us (obviously). You know, the two sweet innocent girls I am always rambling on and on about? As we were coming around a corner....BAM a huge, very dark, monster man who saying something like, " Hey kids! Wanna know why my costume is the scariest? RAAAHHHHHH!" THEN he pulls his "face" off to reveal a pulsating glowing green face like object. Our girls flipped out. Can you guess what just happened? Our youngest just came and said she needed to sleep in our room. We sent her back to bed, but my husband suggested that when she comes into our room at 2 a.m., we call the manager at Sam's. LOL! Seriously, why is it ok to have something like out, but people would protest if it were a manger scene. I know our girls are a little sheltered and that Sam's was not being malicious when they put this out, but COME ON. It was right out in the middle of the main part, not secretly hidden on an aisle. Oh well.
That was really our big excitement of the day. We had home-school and preschool and my husband returned to work. It all went well and we did spent lots of time together again. Youngest daughter just came out again. Urg.
Our other excitement was that we found both girls halloween outfits and spent less than $5! We got our oldest (whose favorite animal is a cheetah) a pink and black cheetah outfit. She is SO excited! We need some cat ears and black stuff for whiskers. The youngest we found a "lion tamer's" outfit and she is actually going to be a CHEETAH tamer! We may get her a hoop and let the cheetah jump through it etc!!! They will be so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

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Trinka said...

Oh groan! And AFTER you pried their little fingers loose from the rafters so you could bring them home ...

So sorry to hear about the Sam's Club terror. Getting that manager's phone number might not have been a bad idea. :) Unfortunately Halloween doesn't seem to show any mercy to timid little girls!

The outfits sound adorable. Glad for oldest's sake that cheetahs come in pink. :)

Pictures, of course, will be necessary!