Friday, September 5, 2008

Cracking up

The girls were pretty grouchy today, but we did manage to fit in a few laughs. We were home-schooling this morning and reading a neat story. The story involved a farmer and his retired work horses. In the story he takes one and cleans her up and decorates her with bells, braided hair and ribbons and all sort of horsey decor. The oldest is studying the fancy horse and turns her serious eyes up at me and says, "Wow. That horse looks just like our daddy, huh Mommy?" I was so serious outside and inside I was cracking up and mentally writing this blog!
Then at lunch I "made" cereal and monkey bread. I had found this super cereal for the youngest (whose favorite animals are pandas), this organic, all natural peanut butter puff cereal and part of the profits help pandas. I think it is called Panda Puffs and there are pandas all over the box. She was crunching them and drinking her milk and said, "Guess what? This really does taste like real pandas!!! Yummy, huh?" I wonder what she was thinking exactly? Either way, she is pretty darn cute!

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