Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am SO ready to start my trek to Oklahoma to go get my husband! Even though the girls are being SOOOOOOO good I just want the time to hurry. I cannot wait to live like a real family again. We had a good day here. It was real hot, but also breezy so it felt nice out! We washed the van and the girls rode their bikes. Man, the youngest is like H*** on wheels!!! She has a need for speed! She is awesome to watch! I think she may be the first one to go sans training wheels. My husband wants to help them learn and I am VERY willing to hand the task over to him!! We got to see him on the computer today. He looked so cute (but tired)! I leave Tuesday to go to my parents and early Wednesday morning I start driving to go see him!!!!

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Trinka said...

Yippeee! And tomorrow will be a full day, and that will help the time pass.

Soon soon soon!