Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pandas and cheetahs and bugs, OH MY!

I am missing our two little girls so much right now! They called me today from the ZOO!!! My parents took them! They were so excited and VERY much not missing me in the least! Our FOUR YEAR OLD (note the new age please) saw her favorite animal (a panda) and called to tell me and the 5 year old saw her favorite animal and called me! Her favorite animals are cheetahs. She never saw a mommy cheetah but evidently the zoo had a baby cheetah!!! They are having so much fun there! I am so glad and so thankful for family who views keeping them as fun and an obligation. It leaves me free to enjoy my free time. You may be wondering, just HOW is she enjoying her free time. I am SO wild and crazy you would not even believe me if I told you so I'll just let you think about it for awhile. =)

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