Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forgot to mention

Our youngest came inside this afternoon to go potty.  It took her awhile.....  When she came out, she said to me, "Mommy, I prayed to God while I was on the potty."  Me beaming said, "You DID?  Honey!  I am so proud of you!!!  What did you pray for?"  Big, round brown eyes looking up at me, she leans in and in an adorable lispy stage whisper says, "I prayed to ride a panda and maybe a horse too."  Remember what I said earlier?  Kids ROCK!


kford23 said...

haha awww that is so precious! It shows what an awesome and Godly home your girls are in that they know to pray like that. Haha. That's something that they will be able to carry with them through life, even if they have blips in the road as time goes on. I still remember my parents putting me to bed every night and thanking God for the angels that were surrounding my bed and protectiing me as I slept-- never had nighmares, literally, and I believe it is because I had no doubt in my mind that I was protected and that nothing could harm me. Thank God for great parents like you guys!

Kathlyn said...

Grace is too cute. Sorry about the call today, I didnt see where you did. Did it ring or go straight to voicemail??? Seth is feeling a lot better. The med's they gave him have really helped and he ended up sleeping until after 2:00!!! So I hope he can get good sleep tomorrow though because that seemed to be the best healing agent. I will give you a call soon!