Thursday, September 4, 2008

The oil was changed and then some

Considering that this time yesterday all I was excited about was an oil change, today rocked! We had school this morning and then hit the library for story hour. The girls were able to do a really cool craft! They did not want to leave. Then we got the oil changed. We were in a nice place, with a nice lady who WANTED two cute girls to entertain her! Seriously! She thought they were two of the most beautiful girls ever. They responded well to this and proceeded to act out every animal known to man for her. For an HOUR! She laughed and clapped and looked like she was going to cry when we left. They loved it! Then my "wonder friend" came over and helped me (actually she did it) do iron-on transfers for the girls! You should have seen them! They turned into 5 star fashion designers! Their clothes look so cute, and yes, very shimmery! =)
Now, if my husband can call me today will be complete!
Oh yes! I forgot to mention what happened at dinner. Out of nowhere the oldest says, "Gampy fibs a LOT so he must be the baddest guy ever huh? Do you even know WHY he talks so much all the time? He wants to make people laugh."
I was trying HARD not to die laughing, but I asked her a few questions and said, "Well, you know Gampy is not bad, he just likes to tease and make you giggle." She said, "Yeah, but he never does anything funny. He just fibs and gets himself in trouble all the time." Kids! =)

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