Tuesday, September 9, 2008


One week from tomorrow I begin the journey to go bring my husband HOME! Where he belongs! I cannot wait and I cannot concentrate on anything! =)
Today we were listening to the cd he made for us. The song he put on there for me says, "I love you and I've loved you all along. I miss you been far away for far too long so keep breathing, hold on to me never let me go, keep dreaming, cause I'm not leaving anymore." Now, we listen to this all the time and the girls know all the songs. Today, the 5 year old said, "Is it true Mommy?" I said, "What honey?" She says, (pull out your kleenex) "When you bring Daddy home soon, will he really never leave us again?" I about lost it. These past few days have been achingly slow. I just want him home and I want him home NOW. I do not want to wait. I do not want to have eewy, icky patience. Luckily, tomorrow and Thursday are very busy days! Yea!!!

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