Monday, September 8, 2008

It has begun

I am so pleased with the appointment today! The doctor is real nice. She met with me for close to an hour. She actually wants to go ahead and meet both girls. That hurt, but she said, "Hey, it's not THAT bad." I know it's not, but I just wanted one of them to not go through this. Apparently, most of the therapy will involve the girls playing with her and she slowly gets to know them and me, my husband or both of us, go with them and learn things to do with them in public to get them talking to others. The office was 88 miles round trip, so she said she will schedule the girls back to back. Now is the time I really need some friends with no obligations. Basically, I will have to pay a sitter to come and entertain one girl while I take the other back for therapy and then switch. She said she will hardly ever meet with just one child alone. She will want us with them. But she does not want to meet with them together because their therapy will be different based on their different personalities. I am happy with the whole thing though. We go next Tuesday for the next dose!
My husband was able to get a phone from someone to be able to text me tonight and ask about the appt. I was happy with that too! Wish we could have talked, but beggars cannot be choosers! =)
Wonder Friend kept the girls this morning and they TALKED to her!!! Lots!! They also had a blast with her. ALL I heard all day was, "Ms. So and So this and Ms. So and So that." However, the youngest suggested that next time Wonder Friends HUSBAND babysit for them because, "he probably knows how to fly and kite and stuff and she doesn't." LOL!
That is about it from here!


Trinka said...

I am so glad it went well.

Maybe you'll make a home-school-mom-friend who will loan you a willing teenager for the trips! Most of teens here would JUMP at the chance to spend some time with such adorable children once/week. :) They'd do it for an ice cream cone on the drive home. :)

Kathlyn said...

Kristen, I am totally up for babysitting until we leave. I had a GREAT time with the girls and would love to watch one or both (whichever applies) whenever you have your appointments!!! That means you have 5 whole weeks to find another sitter (or friend, haha).We leave Oct 17, so that gives you time! :)