Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kite Flying Fun

Another perfect day comes to an end. My husband returns to work in the morning, but we sure enjoyed our last free day together! Church was awesome this morning and it was followed by a church picnic. We spent 3 hours there. It was 80 degrees, breezy and gorgeous! My husband took out our kite and before he knew what hit there were about 15 kids "helping" him fly the kite. After about 1 hour, only our 5 year old was still helping him. She said her daddy was the best kite flier ever! Meanwhile, I hung out on the rocks with our youngest, who proceeded to entertain herself by tossing rocks into the lake. First, she was tossing any old rock. Then she decided that all the little rocks should be pulled out an big rocks tossed in. Then she decided the big rocks were lonely and she better toss all the rocks in. And that is all she did....for at least an hour. It was so cute and relaxing! At home my husband rigged some very odd pulley system in the garage. The girls helped him, while I spent THREE HOURS getting their clothes switched from summer to winter. It was very gratifying and to top it off, I thought we had lost all our 4T clothing and my husband found it!!!!! VERY thankful, if not slightly disappointed that I do not get to go on a shopping spree for her. She only ever gets leftovers from her sissy, so I was just a little excited at the prospect of new clothes for her. We ended up all around the dinner table eating our girls favorite pasta (the one I posted a few months ago). They loved it and had really worked up an appetite from the outdoor play. Then the oldest decided that we should hand out the PASTA for Halloween!!!! Kids rock!

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