Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweet kid

I had one of the sweetest moments ever today with our soon-to-be 4-year-old! The girls were playing outside. They were riding their bikes, playing in the mud and climbing on some logs etc. They had taken some balls down by the logs and were rolling them across. The youngest left hers behind and I sent them down to go find it. It's hard to explain (a sibling thing I guess), but they frequently say, "Hey! I'll go with you!", but as soon as they are there, BAM! turn turn tail and leave the other one "alone". That is what the oldest one was doing. The youngest was sitting on a log, wearing a ratty, VERY muddy t-shirt, with her brown hair sweaty on her head and her big brown eyes streaking tears through the dried mud on her cheeks. I tell the oldest to keep waiting for her. The youngest finally scampers off the log and her tears are still clinging to the mud on her cheeks. And do you know what? During all the drama, my little sweetheart had thought of me and picked me a beautiful yellow flower. She came waddling over to me and still sniffing her tears back says, "Here mommy. Yellow is your favorite color, but one falled off." I was pure mush. She was so sweet!!!!!!
I was able to talk to my other half for a few minutes. He has passed everything he needed to for BOLC II!!! That is exciting news! Now we just have to make it through this next weekend and we will be together! One week from tonight we will be sharing a bed again! He was dirty and extremely tired when we spoke. I think he had about 8 hours sleep for the entire week and they never slept last night and finished it all off with a 10 mile ruck march (think hike with a 65 pound VERY pokey back pack!)! Fun stuff huh? =)


Trinka said...

awwwww ... how sweet!

Glad you'll be together soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I would just love to go on a ruck!!
Ha Ha
Glad homecoming is soon.
Give the girls a hug for me.