Thursday, September 25, 2008

Therapy begins

Today was such a great day! We were all together the entire day and we stretched it out! We started with home-schooling for both girls. Daddy sat in "class" and he taught the science portion and took care of the experiments. It was neat to have him involved. Afterwards we hit the library for story hour. We had a party there (just to celebrate September). The girls each got a new book. I thought that was cool! We had therapy afterwards. It was the first real session. It is interesting. I am sure many of you cannot understand what our girls go through on a daily basis. Selective Mutism is a struggle and hard to comprehend. We are so happy that we have finally sought therapy. We started the session with family play. We each took turns talking to the doctor while the other parent played with the girls. Then the youngest stayed by herself for her play with the doctor and then the oldest had her alone session. Up until today we all thought that maybe the youngest was just imitating sissy, but today the doctor said the youngest has her own set of issues. She said that while she was alone with the youngest, it took 5 minutes before she would loosen her arms and it took a little longer than that for her to make eye contact with the doctor. The oldest made eye contact with the doctor within 2 minutes, but never really had any interaction. The youngest WANTED to play WITH the doctor. The oldest did not care either way. It was interesting to hear that. We are scheduled for weekly appointments for quite awhile.
After the session we hit a local mall and enjoyed the California Pizza place that our friends recommended. For a family that really does not like malls a whole lot, we spent a big portion of our time there. They had a kids play area, Starbucks and a cool sports store! We found some toy stores, got stuck in major traffic and finished with a yummy Skyline for dinner. We did not even get home until 8 p.m.! It was great! We were all worn out though. It was our first real day together where we had no outside commitments. Tomorrow is more school and who knows what else!!!!

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Trinka said...

Sounds like SUCH a nice day. I'm so thankful you've started the therapy. I'm interested to hear the details. I'm surprised that youngest had such a hard time warming up to the dr. She strikes me as confident and outgoing ... but I'm always with her with you!