Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Safe and absolutely exhausted

I cannot hardly put two words together right now. I am SOOOOOOO tired! Tuesday we had preschool and it was the youngests special day there! Her class sang to her, she got a balloon, birthday hat and a little teddy bear! She thought she was IT! Then we went to the first DOCTOR appt. The power was out there due to all those crazy winds. We had to make two trips to the potty using a borrowed flash light! It was fun. The doctor was real good with the girls and wants to see both of them for awhile. She saw a few things in both that "concerned" her, so to speak. But she is confident that we will help them through this.
Then we hit the road to go to my parents. We walked to a local place and had dinner and then I took off around 7 p.m. I drove for 3 hours. I decided to stop for the night. I really did not want to spend much on a room. I stopped at 10 and planned to get up at 3:30. So I found a cheap place. I learned my lesson. It was a vague resemblance of being clean. However, I did not at ALL feel safe! Around 11, I managed to doze off. At 2 a.m. I shot out of bed, plastered in sweat with my hairs standing up. I could have sworn our bathroom door flung open. I was terrified! I could not sleep again so I got up, took a steamy shower and left. There was a Starbucks with a 24 hour drive thru so I did have a coffee. I stopped later for gas and then later for breakfast. I did not stop again for 5 hours!! Those were my only stops the whole day! I logged 1300 miles in less than 24 hours. Did I mention how exhausted I am? I got into the hotel here and went to have dinner with my hubby. SADLY or MADLY (LOL), he had a mandatory social till 8 tonight but he will come here after it is over. It's not even for them and they get to sit and listen to speakers speak to others. They are being "eye candy" or warm bodies for chairs =). He was pretty upset, but glad he can come by after it is over.
My husband bought me the new Newsboys cd when I was here for Labor Day. I saved it for this trip to have a time filler. AWESOME cd!!!!!!!!!
I am so tired I am falling asleep typing so I think I will go walk around and wait for my hubby!

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Trinka said...

So glad you made it safe and sound!!!

I hope you have a safe trip home, and I look forward to hearing more about the appointment. I meant to find out yesterday, and then I forgot!