Sunday, September 7, 2008

It starts tomorrow

In the morning Wonder Friend is coming over to watch the girls and I am off to the doctor. I am going alone for the initial assessment for our 5 year old's selective mutism! I am pretty nervous for the whole thing. I am nervous about the drive, about being late and just being there alone. I wish I had a friend to go with me (I'd give anything to have my hubby here). This week my husband is in the field and they are not allowed to bring their phones. He is going to ask to borrow one of the cadre's phones and call home tomorrow to hear about the appointment. I hope that works out at least.
Today was a nice day. Church rocked! I took the girls to a park and we washed the van together! We saw a huge praying mantis at our neighbors house. We baked a homemade pizza and they are conked out now! Hopefully I will have a great update tomorrow night!

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Trinka said...

I wish I could go with you! But I'll be there in prayer, and looking forward to hearing the update.

Whatever you hear ... it will give you direction and that will be a good thing! God is good.