Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today went surprisingly quickly! We had church. Afterwards, I took the girls to a playland and intended to stay and let them burn their excessive energy. About that time, those banners that frequent the outside of McDonald's, pulled out of the ground and started slamming the POST into the playland window. I then noticed the VERY excessive winds whipping around. We left. On the way home, I was really feeling my nerves. Then we rounded a corner and a man slammed on his brakes and yelling at me (through his window). Around a bend there were HOT cables swinging in the wind. Let me tell ya, my blood was PUMPING! I called 911, but it was already reported. We drove around a different way home and were dodging limbs and there were huge branches flying over the van. Yeah. It was just a tad tense. We made it into the garage and into the house. To pass the afternoon, we did alphabet pages, I put make up on the girls, we had a tea party and baked homemade chocolate chip cookies! It was fun and went quickly. Now I am waiting for bed time so I can wake up and find out it is Monday!!!!

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