Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good laugh

Remember me blogging about how my husband was able to text me from the field and hear about the doctor appointment Monday? Here is the complete story. Monday, I got a text from an unknown number asking about the appointment. I was so excited he was able to text me, but did not know how long he'd have to text, so I quickly spit out 2 texts full of information and the last one saying I love him. I get a reply that says, "Oh, I guess the last one was meant for (husband)." I am slightly embarrassed that some random guy read it, but oh well. A minute later my husband texts me back and asks another questions regarding insurance and if it covers the appointments etc. I tell him it does and he replied, "well, I am glad you don't have to worry about money." At this point I am getting weirded out. We combined our finances when we were engaged. He is pretty lousy at remembering to pay bills etc. =), so I took over paying his while we were engaged and it has remained my responsibility ever since. BUT we always refer to money as "ours". So, now I am thinking that this guy whose phone he borrowed is pumping me for information. But, then the next text sounds more like my husband. He said he needed to go. So I say "I love you and miss you so much!" His reply, "Ditto". I was floored. This is the man who proposed to me in his weekly column at a newspaper and who calls me from the barracks, has our photos on his desk and always says he loves me (even in a car full of single army guys!!!). So I am thinking again, that maybe it was not my husband, but the guy whose phone he is using.
Rewind to last night. I get a text from the same number saying, "I just got this snazzy new phone with unlimited texts. Fun!!" I am like, ok, who is this guy. In the back of my mind, I am thinking maybe my husband is making a joke. So I ask "are you my husband or the guy with the phone." To my SHOCK the answer is...."Neither, I am your sister-in-law" WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I called her and asked if she was texting me yesterday and she said "Yes! You were so sweet to tell me how much you love and miss me." Opps! =) We got a HUGE laugh out of it. Then I felt sad, because my poor husband does NOT know how the appt. went and he was very anxious/worried to hear. I know it is hard for him to concentrate when he is worried about us.
Rewind to this morning. The phone rings. Guess who? My REAL husband!!! He was allowed to go somewhere and use a government phone and have a 15 minute conversation about the appointment! I managed to tell him about the mix up too and he was laughing...a LOT! =)