Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday forever

It feels like it should be 10 p.m. and it is not even 2 yet. Sigh. I am SO stinking excited to see my husband and so thankful that he gave me this night at this beautiful hotel and that my parents are keeping the girls and have allowed me this special time. I have made the most out of it. To single people, I must be the most boring thing around, but those of you kids will understand. I woke up. Watched some news IN BED. Got up. Went down for the free breakfast. Came back up. Fell asleep till 10!!!!!!!! Woke up. Took a LONG bath followed by a LONG VERY HOT shower! Got dressed for the day, had lunch and now am waiting for check out time. To all you singles I apologize for my boringness. To all you parents, I know you are jealous! LOL! Just teasing! I am seriously so excited to go see my husband. He called and does not think he will be released until 5 p.m. Sigh. So as of right now I have 3 1/2 hours. These will be the longest hours yet. He was going nutso waiting for the go ahead to leave. All the guys are! Later tonight we will be in Oklahoma City. I cannot wait!!!!!


Trinka said...

We single folks enjoy those kinds of hotel stays too (or at last this one does!).

While I may not get interrupted by delightful daughters, there are other things (or rather ... RINGS ...) that I enjoy being sequestered from.

Banish the telephone ... long live email! :)

Ivan said...

I understand.
Sometimes even really old, really long time married old men miss their spouses when away for long periods of time.
Hope you enjoy your time together.