Monday, August 25, 2008

Date set

I now have an appointment in early September to go see a doctor about our oldest daughter's selective mutism. The office is over an hour away. Thankfully, I have an awesome friend who has agreed to not only watch the girls, but also take the youngest to (and maybe from) preschool! The first appointment is for parents only (since she is so young). Obviously half of us is missing, so I was stuck. Hooray for good friends!!!!! The appointment will be September 8th. It is another one of those times when I would give anything to have my husband there with me.
Today passed quickly. My hubby is out in the field and so far we have not been able to talk today but he did send a few text messages!!! Yea!!!!
The youngest ha fun at preschool. Still no talking, BUT her teacher said that today she DID play with a little boy! That is a first! Prior to this she sat near kids or played near them. But evidently on the playground she and this boy were running around together (not talking). It is still an improvement and I will take it!
Something else I will also take? I belong to a group of Christian ladies who are ALL military wives. There is a funny lady there who comes up with fun titles for all of us. Mine says, "When did I become Supermama"!!! Me????? Supermama????? Hey, I will take it, grab it, keep it forever and run with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can take it away.... until the fun lady changes it again!!!!! =)


Anonymous said...

My prayers for you and your sweet baby girl's Dr. appt. Going it alone and extra worry about her must be hard. My son starts Bolc II Nov., at Sill. Now he is just snowbirding and bored.
Hope you have fun in OK and come back to a babbling 5 year old.
OCS mom

Kristen & Cliff said...

Thanks!!!! Me too!! =)

Kathlyn said...

haha, you crack me up supermama! Only 2 days till you begin your treck to Cliff!!! yayayayaya!!!!! And tomorrow should go fast b/c. . . I am coming, hahaha. I have a couple of options for the girls since one of them has a b-day coming up, my brain has been thinking again. Maybe you can make us some decaf coffee (dont you love how I dont mind asking for things? haha), I am interested in seeing if my tastebuds are ready for it again, and I hear you have an almost professional machine, with professional experience! Superlattegal as well??? hmmmm