Friday, August 8, 2008

Warning! Gross post!

My husband says I have to post this so that we can remember it later when they are grown. Or maybe more specifically, when our youngest has brought home a boy that we do not approve of, then we can pull up this blog and say, "awww, listen to what she used to do, that cute little thing..."
So, here it is. (if you are easily sickened you may want to stop here). Tonight after our yummy dinner, shower and some My Little Pony Mad Libs, we were getting ready to read book TWO of Little House on the Prairie! Well, I came around the corner and saw our youngest, sitting in her little rocking chair, in her frilly pink Barbie nightgown...... BITING HER TOENAILS!!!!!!! Such flexibility she has! Unfortunately, she does not know her own strength and she made herself bleed. Hopefully, this is a passing thing and I will not witness this any more. If it continues, I may be forced to photograph this amazing event!

1 comment:

Trinka said...

flexibility = good

chewing on one's feet = habit we hope does NOT continue into adulthood :)