Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crafty Day

I must admit that I am afraid I have been under estimating our youngest. She SAT for 90 minutes today and "allowed" me to teach her! Honestly? I thought she would make it for 10 minutes or less. It was amazing! Both girls seemed to soak in a lot. You know what is really cool? The learning did not stop when "class" time was over. The youngest picked to do a puzzle of the United States and the magnets tell you the states and capitals. She did the whole thing alone and made comments like, "Oklahoma? That's where Daddy is?" The other did light brite. Afterwards they ran around seeing which areas made the lights look best. We went outside and played with a parachute. In science we had been learning about air. The oldest said, "HEY MOMMY! Know why the parachute is fluffing up? Because there is air! Air is all around us even when we cannot see it!" THEN my friend came over and taught them some neat ways to do water color painting. So, in my opinion they were learning all day long!
Tonight I went to a bible study from my new church. It was great! We met outside and the kids all ran in grass. The girls discovered a pear tree there and they were enthralled! They each picked a pear to mail to daddy! How sweet is that?

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Trinka said...

What a great day!!! Sounds like home-schooling is a really good fit.

I'm so glad you found a good Bible study - not only for the study, but because hopefully you'll meet some great friends too!