Saturday, August 9, 2008

The future of dating

The future of dating. That is what I experienced tonight. I must say. It made me fall in love with my husband all over again!! As you know, we are 900 miles apart right now and both rather lonely. So.... I asked him out on a date! How you may ask? Skype. It is a free internet program that allows you to make online calls in live time for free. We both have webcams so we were talking and seeing each other in live time! He met me at Atlanta Bread and I met him on our couch. He had coffee and a chocolate chunk cookie and I made a decaf americana and had a diet rite! We talked for over an hour with each other. Really and truly it was incredible and all day long we were both so excited for our date! It was so nice to sit and talk. It felt like I should be able to touch him. Also, on base he can usually only talk in his room where there is virtually no privacy. On our cells we both talked using headsets, so our conversation was relatively private. As we were leaving our date a lady came up and asked where I was. He told her and I think she thought it was real sweet. I sure did. He is one special guy.
The rest of the day was lots of fun! My friend invited us out to lunch at a yummy mexican place and then we did some back to school shopping. The day FLEW by and tomorrow will go quickly because of church. It was fun being with this friend. Not only is she really smart and sweet but she is pregnant with their first child and it is so fun to see someone taking so much joy in the experience!
The girls were pretty good. The oldest decided to act up in front of the aforementioned friend, but other than that, we had a great day together.
The oldest has decided that Arkansas is a great state and that when she grows up, she will join the army and teach people to swim in Arkansas! LOL!

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Kathlyn said...

I wouldn'e say your oldest acted up! If she as as tired as I was when I got home, I would have done the same thing if Seth was playing with a toy I wanted, haha. I had a lot of fun! I am excited about crafts next week. Also, I am glad you and Cliffs date went so well!!!