Friday, August 15, 2008

Cookies and stuff

Tonight the theme was homemade cookies and the next episode of "Little House on the Prairie"! We had a good time together! They looked so cute. During the show a man dies. But of course, nothing is shown, so they really did not understand. But later Pa has to tell the man's wife and son. They questioned it and were shocked! Thankfully, they did not think their daddy would so the conversation was blessedly short. After I put them to bed, they spent their time watching other kids play outside! They looked like miniature spies watching the kids from their mini-blinds! Adorable!
13 days till I see my hubby. This is a very hard time for me because our 7 year anniversary is around the corner and I am feeling very, very sad and lonely. I just keep marking the days off the calendar and looking forward to the reunion though.

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Kathlyn said...

Hey Kristen, I think the girls would have fun reading my blog today! :)