Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Special Carts

My hubby called for a few minutes and I was reminded of a blog worthy event. Today, I spent some special time with the girls. We ate out and I took them to a Meijers, which is like Target. BUT they have this neat little invention called "Carts that actually enable parents to shop HAPPILY with children in tow". The first of these carts are these NEAT two seater carts that have a small bench with two buckles, PLUS the cart where you can place ANOTHER child! I would shop there just for this reason. Yes, we only have two, but this cart rocks! Trust me, I do most the grocery shopping alone with the girls and I LIKE this cart. Oh, but Meijers kicks it up a notch with the carts that only cost $1 and get this, have TV's in them!!!! You pick your wholesome character and they can sit in the front and zone out to Dora together. Ok, so I admit, when I first saw them I scoffed. Who needs TV to shop? You teach your kids how to behave in a store and you shop with them. Not always pleasant, but manageable. Well, today, guess who walked in with a dollar in their pocket? ME! Let me just say, best dollar I ever spent! I had 45 minutes of quiet shopping! Sadly, there were two types of people who passed me. One type, looked at me and smiled. The others, clearly had my prior line of reasoning "Can't manage her kids, obviously...." and basically glared at me as if I were sprouting horns. To those people I say, "You would do this too, if your hubby was gone for 2 months and you had spent more time away from him than with him for the past 6 months. Plus, do you even know that I spent two hours doing one-on-one time with my oldest? and that afterwards I am planning to do crafts with them and we baking cookies TOGETHER, etc". But, seriously, those people did not bother me because it ROCKED and I will do it again sometime! Maybe on a real rainy day or something!


Trinka said...

oh yeah ... WAY worth $1. You got 45 minutes, more or less, to wander and relax, and they had a nice time too.

It's a good reminder, too, to practice "love thinketh no evil / love thinks the best." Whenever we see someone doing something we consider unusual, if only we could put the BEST possible spin on it, rather than the worst! I'm trying to develop this skill!

Anonymous said...

I've seen those carts. I would have loved them when you know who was little!
Hope the preschool and home schooling are going well. I love to hear about it.
The web cam date is wonderful.