Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Bo Who?

Successful is how I would sum up our day here. The youngest cried silently when I left her at preschool, but was calm a few moments later and playing. She stayed all day and never cried again! She was excited about her day and excited to return tomorrow! Now, if we can get her talking in class, I will feel so much better!
As for homeschooling, it was fabulous! Much better and easier than I expected! We covered an amazing amount of material including the water cycle, Martin Luther and the forever fascinating letter "F" =). During the course of the day, we read the poem "Little Bo Peep". As we were walking to get the youngest from preschool, the oldest says, "Mommy, my favorite part of home-schooling with you today was when we read the story of "Little Bo Beef"......" I hid my face in my sleeve and was rolling! That was SOOOOOO funny!
Other than that, the day has been lonely. I miss my husband and have barely been able to talk to him today. He is platoon leader this week and extremely busy.
I made the girls their favorite dinner of the pasta recipe I posted and crescent rolls baked with cheese. It was yummy and they loved it.
Tomorrow is more school stuff and more wishing my husband was home again.

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