Sunday, August 3, 2008

Decision time

Tonight I am sitting alone with the girls in our hotel room. Once again we "lucked out" and the company my husband is with here at Ft. Sill doesn't allow people to stay off base. Plus for Labor Day they will not allow him a pass to fly home to be with us. We are hoping my parents can keep the girls and I can fly here to be with him during the three day weekend. We are going to stay here one more night and leave early Tuesday morning to head back home. Let me just say, it is pure torture. But, the reunions are always exciting!
Tonight we ate out together at Red Lobster. The girls were quite intrigued with the tank full of lobsters waiting to be eaten. Then we hit Wal-Mart for some last minute items my husband needed. Afterwards he treated us all to frostys at a Wendys. Something led the conversation to what jobs the girls may want to do when they are older. Our 5 year old said, "well, maybe I can decided later because right now I have WAY too many choices! I mean, I could be a firefighter, or help people who are sick, or work at a hospital or take care of animals, or help people with fevers or take x-rays or anything! I can't choose yet. Maybe when I am six or seven I might know." How old is she again?
Our youngest declared she wants to take care of horses because she loves them. Pretty simple there! She said she loves horses and panda bears.

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Anonymous said...

Have a safe journey back home,Kristen. Give the girls a hug for me.
Clifford, I'll be praying for you and the 3 girls every day as always
Love, Mom