Thursday, August 21, 2008

BIg Day Over

Today was great! We had a wonderful day of home-schooling. We hit the library for story hour and it was really nice! The girls were very withdrawn while we were there. But they did like it. Afterwards, we met my friend for lunch and it was yummy and a relief to have adult contact! We had the oldests appointment. We secured a referral for her and hopefully will have an appointment time soon. Then we went to bible study and for almost 3 hours the girls were happy and playing and I was hanging out with adults. However, the real highlight of the day was when the oldest SPOKE to a little girl at bible study! In the past 6 weeks, it is the first time she has spoken to a child other than her sister! I was sitting there getting all teary eyed. It was awesome! Now if my poor husband can have a great day tomorrow all will be well!


Trinka said...

That's wonderful!!!

I hope the referral doc is helpful.

One week from today ... guess where you'll be? :)

Kathlyn said...

yeah!!! Glad you had a great day. :)