Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whopper and Water

A few random things...
The other day the youngest had a few candy corns, the halloween treat. Well, I said, "Girls, what does Gampy do with those?" The oldest said, "He puts them on his teeth and is a whopper!" Ummmm, I think the poor girl meant walrus. Whoops!
This morning we were snuggling on the couch and the same sweet child said, "Mommy, this morning I woke up and the first number was 5. I got out of bed and you were asleep and so was little sister, so I got back into bed and was thinking that our family just doesn't seem the same without Daddy and I felt all sad and I just laid in bed crying for him for a few. I am tired of him being gone from us all the time." I think even those of you in Michigan could hear my heart breaking.
Today our church (have I mentioned how great our church is lately?) did something so cool! We all had these shirts that said (front) "Don't Go To Church" and (back) "BE The Church". Then today we did not *shock* go to church! Instead, they had 6 community projects and everyone chose one to participate in. We chose to go buy groceries and we donated them to the local schools. The schools take these items and whenever there is a long weekend, they choose kids who are at-risk and fill backpacks with the food so that hopefully their families can have enough for the long weekend. The girls were SO excited! I gave them each money and let them choose their own groceries! They loved it! I did have one funny thing happen. We were wondering around Wal-Mart and this man and his wife stopped me and said, "Excuse me. Where did you get that shirt?". I lit up and got so excited and said, "OH, they came from our church!!!!" He turned bright red and said, "Oh, uh we thought that it was an anti-church place and we wanted one". YIKES!! My husband said that it would be neat to have a a website to email all the weird things that happen when you wear these shirts! He got a LOT of comments when he wore his out in Oklahoma!!!!
My hubby goes into the field this week so I will be even more lonely. Hopefully, we will still get to talk each day, but are not sure. No matter what I will see him this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, the water part. It was a scorcher here today and we were out trimming bushes and washing the van. Our neighbor came over and gave us a little slide and had us put the hose on it! The girls had a little water slide and they loved it!!!! We played outside for almost 4 hours! So, yeah, they are asleep already!!! =)

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Trinka said...

oh ... dear ... that does break your heart into little pieces. :( I hope you're all together again soon!

What a good opportunity to show the Walmart-man that the church isn't quite what he was thinking. I hope it sticks in his mind!

Sounds like you've got a great group there - I hope Cliff can enjoy them with you soon!