Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am SO tired right now!! Before we moved down everyone said, "Wow. You seem to be taking everything in stride. You are not crying to acting stressed." I think it is all catching up to me. It could be that, or it could be the fact that my throat it killing me. Or it could be the fact that I have gotten the "running" bug and have started running again. I did 1 1/2 miles on Monday and a little over 2 miles today. Or it could be the fact that I have 24-7 care of two girls who are incredibly good but very tiring. Or it could be.... ok I will stop. Things are really very good here! We got to see my husband for 20 minutes yesterday and we are almost half-way done with his training. The girls have been great and tonight I will get a 45 minute break when we go to church. Later we plan to go to the pool! Tomorrow we get to go to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese! Fun! Then Friday I get to have the oil changed. YUCK!


Kathlyn said...

Hey! I got your message yesterday. Sorry I havent called back, it has been incredibly crazy and tomorrow will be the worst! But, you just take a breath and enjoy your down time. I love that the army gives generous holidays! :)

Bon said...

I was thinking of you today. When the girls rest, you should too! Power naps can't hurt.