Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I sure wish I could take a nap today! We took the youngest in for her test this morning and the results were not what I expected to hear. They still aren't sure what is wrong, if anything. Her urine was still somewhat diluted. They drew three huge vials of blood and are running 3 different tests on her urine sample. He said, "This could be something really signifigant, or it could be stress." Yeah, that really helped a lot. Then I went to get the oldest from preschool and we find out one of her classmates got HUGELY sick. THEN her teacher tells me that she was crying off and on all morning. Her anxiety had bested her. She would not eat or play (even outside) because she had colored a picture for her teacher and left it in the van. My heart broke for her. I hope that tomorrow we get glorious results and you get to read one perky blog! Until then, my apologies.


Josh said...

We are praying for you all. Hope tomorrow goes great!!

Kristen & Cliff said...