Sunday, April 13, 2008

About the visit

Well, we are back from visiting my husband and we all had a good time. We went to the PX, drank coffee and took the girls to a playground. The girls were so good and they loved seeing their Daddy! What neither of us saw coming was how hard it was to say good bye all over again. He was choked up and I was crying.
However, now we have another change of plans. Tomorrow all our things are going into a storage unit and I am moving down with the girls on Tuesday instead of Friday!! 48 hours from now we will be living in the apartment you see pictured below.
OH, by the way, the man who you were thinking did not exactly look like my husband is not! That is for a friend of ours so she and their kids could see him.
My husband is the one holding the girls!!!


Retro Gal said...

Yeah!!! Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow! I cant believe you will be here so soon! Btw, I am jealous of your pantry and kitchen, they are much bigger than mine!

Retro Gal said...

I am done with work on the 25th so that last week (while Seth is still in Airborne) all us girls can hang out. Plus I have another army wife for you to meet and the week after I get off is the week Seth jumps out of the plane at benning. Maybe the girls would like to go watch??? :D

Kristen & Cliff said...

OH YES!!!! We want to come watch!!!!!