Thursday, April 17, 2008

Diet Pepsi

I just had to mention something that happened the night before we moved. My parents kept the girls while I had my night out with the girls! They treated me to Cheddars! It was really fun! While I was gone, my mom began getting emotional. See, they have NEVER gone more than 7 days without seeing the girls and now we will be 800+ miles apart. Evidently she started crying and the oldest saw her mascara dripping and said, "nana, you eyes are leaking Diet Pepsi!" CUTE!!!!!
Today has been beautiful here! I got in my first workout at the new gym. It felt good, but man I miss my old group! After that I was cleaning while the girls napped/rested and I heard a knock on the door. It was a neighbor (see previous posts) and she came JUST to bring me and the girls some flowers!!!! Is that sweet or what? It absolutely made my day!
I took the girls to the pool today and it was us and all these young half-naked people (mostly guys). Well one of them had a very excessive amount of tattoos. The oldest said, "uh-oh. He better not get int he water because all his stamps will melt off!" You see, she possesses this hidden talent of being able to make grown men feel like girls. Seriously! The other night our waiter had long hair with a ponytail and hair clips. She says, QUITE LOUDLY, "Mommy! That man has girl hair and girl clips! He must be a man-girl." Today there was the macho looking mack daddy type of guy at the pool. He thought he was so cool flexing his muscles while he sat on the edge. Our oldest exclaimed at FULL kid volume, "oh Mommy!! Look! His little flower pants are SOOOOO cute!!! I wish I had some like those!" It was awesome!!! I just knew my husband would have been rolling! He loves that kind of stuff!


Bon said...

!! I am SO sorry I missed that. I'm afraid I might have choked to death trying not to laugh out loud. What a girl she is! Was that at the close pool? I'm going out to get a suit first thing in the morning. *grin*

Trinka said...

Oh what a hoot!!!

Kathlyn said...

Your girls are h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!!! Tomorrow Seth and I are babysitting two kids right across the road from yall. They live in the circle with one of the playgrounds. Maybe you could bring the girls to the playground to play!