Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Got Trash?

OK, I was talking to my husband WHO CALLED a few minutes ago and remembered a totally funny story I forgot to blog about.
Our big trash pick up is scheduled to come by soon. So my dad has been helping me drag stuff to curb. We took a broken box fan, a vaccum cleaner missing the dirt container, a partly used bag of cat litter, a rice cooker and just used paint tarps etc. Guess what? Grifters came, and took it all INCLUDING THE CAT LITTER!!! Seriously. How weird is that???? Are you laughing with me now?

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Bryan said...

The same thing happened to my wife and I. We were amazed and somewhat shocked at what the grifters would carry off. So I started putting perfectly good stuff out. Stuff that somebody could use but that we couldn't find a home for in short order. Grifters made out good at our house.

Keep us up to date with Cliff. God bless you all.