Friday, April 4, 2008


Today was much better for the girls. Last night they were actually stressed about being in a hotel. Today they were a little happier. I think mostly it is because we had about 1 1/2 hours to play here. I took them to the lounge and found they have FREE milk! So they got milk and there snacks here are ultra cheap! For 1.50 I got bottled water, diet pepsi and a bag of popcorn !! We popped the popcorn and I let them sit on the plush carpet and eat it. I sat down with them and was showing them how to catch it in their mouths! It was a RIOT!! I got a photo, but man you had to see them in action! There was popcorn FLYING all over! (Seriously, it did not make a mess though. They only did one at a time and would eventually just pop it in their mouth). So for all the neat freaks~no worries!!
My husband did call last night and he was depressed, tired and not feeling well AT ALL. I was all bubbly and encouraging, but when we hung up, I lost it. I cried and then realized how completely UNproductive that is, so I started praying and prayed until I fell asleep. He has been really heavy on my mind so if you think of him ,please just say a little prayer.


Trinka said...

I will do that.

Thanks for the update. Hope all goes well there this weekend.

Anonymous said...

So glad you all had fun! We had popcorn tonight at the movies! Went to see Nim's Island. The kids loved it and we did too. We are praying for Cliff. . . and you. BTW, those are some cheap snacks!

Kristen & Cliff said...

I know!! I was so happy!! We are 1 block from a little bakery and in the morning I am taking them there to get a doughnut!!! This is fun! How was Nim's Island? I want to see it!