Saturday, April 19, 2008

Know your neighbors

I am amazed once again at how God has been taking care of us. I have been real sad lately. Scared out of my mind thinking about deployments and feeling really far away from my husband etc. But it is nice to remind myself how far God has brought us and how much He has done to show us this is where we are supposed to be (far at least the next 2 years 10 1/2 months)! =)
Well, I was nervous about who are neighbors would be and what it would be like here. I now know we have 3 Army Rangers, an Army Officer and a Captain plus us! I think that is pretty cool and it makes me feel rather safe here. I met the people across the hall and they are really nice. They have a little girl who is 1 month older than our youngest. We went over to their place and the girls all played for awhile.
It has been beautiful here today and now tomorrow we get to spend time with my hubby!

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Trinka said...

I'm so glad to hear it Kristen! I look forward to meeting these folks, and seeing your new place.

Hope your time together today was a blessing!