Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Settling in

After what feels like a 3 week whirlwind, we are settling down a little here. I ahe my kitchen set and ready to go, bathrooms are ready, T.V. and internet are a go, washer and dryer (also done), cleaning supplies ready to use. The only thing incomplete, is we don't have a couch, dining room stuff, or dressers for all the clothes that don't get hung up. BUT we have eaten breakfast and lunch HERE today and I even found time to take the girls out to the sidewalk to ride their scooter and roller skates! They saw a lizard too!
They like being down here near their daddy!
We feel pretty safe in our complex too. In fact, I have a REALLY weird story! I have a great friend where we just moved from and she has a good friend that lives down here part of the time. So she gave me her number to call and see if we could meet up here. I am unloading the van on Tuesday and this lady says "Hi". Lo and Behold, this is the lady I am supposed to be calling!!!! Seriously!! She lives right beside us!!!! It gets better..... She has been reading my blog and my husbands blog and has figured out that her husband in one of my husbands company commanders!!!!!! Now to you non-military people this makes it tricky!!! See, officer candidates cannot be friends with company commanders until AFTER graduation. Officers cannot ever be friends with the enlisted men and their families. Therefore I cannot befriend enlisted spouses etc. There is a reason for it, but it is weird. SO, back to the story. She had consulted with her hubby to find out what that meant for us. He said there are no restrictions on wives and we can openly be friends. But he has to really careful not to be friends with my husband and if we meet in the complex they say "hi" and keep walking. Weird and strange and very exciting! She actually WANTS to hang out by the pool and watch the girls swim! That will make it much more fun for me.
To top it off, I think I have FINALLY found a gym to use. After the youngest wajes up from her nap we are going to check it out!!!
The only downer, DH has training on Saturday and we do not even get to see him. BUT we should on Sunday!!

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Trinka said...

Oh, I'm so glad you have a friend down there already!!!!!

Hope you get a good long time together Sunday. :)