Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday (for lack of a better title)

I attended my first yoga class today and it was ok. I am sore but it was not really an exciting class. I am so proud of myself (so please enjoy my moment of bragging)! I installed a portable dvd player into the van by myself and it worked, I rented a storage unit, booked an apartment, set up my tour of the area, finished packing the house and kept track of the girls! Whew!! I cannot believe how much my husband does! I am exhausted!
Then I got a call during yoga from the pediatrician nurse. They said that all the youngest's tests came back ok. Her creatin was low, but they just wanted her to come back next Tuesday for a recheck. However, then I was cooking dinner and the Doctor called. He said he is not satisfied. He said he is still waiting for the results from one urine test. He said he does not think this is anxiety related, but he is not sure what is going on with her. He is consulting with a pediatric neprhologist to see what they think and they are going to do some further testing. So, basically we have no real answers. But we go back next Tuesday and we will see what happens.
We are going to Ohio for the weekend so please do not worry when you don't hear from me. I should be back online on Sunday!!!!

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Trinka said...

Go girl! Good for you! :) Have a great trip.